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Sculptural Interventions to Biodiversity Decline

 I will install sculptural artworks along a habitat corridor; Corredor de las Plantas being built as part of a program run by the city of Boulder to support pollinators and other wildlife to reverse biodiversity decline. The sculptures will draw people and demonstrate the importance of connection – the connection of community members to create the biodiversity […]

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Wish Installation by Belgin yucelen

Wish Installation

Many traditions exist on wish making. In Guatemala children fly kites which they believe will carry their wishes up to the Gods. In Japan, they write them on colorful paper and tie them to bamboo branches. In China, bamboo blocks are hung by temples. In India, children make wishes of peacock feathers. In Israel people

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Floating Tales - A Greeting Cards Design Company

Floating Tales

Lately, I have been noticing that I seek simplicity and minimalism in my life, in rooms, in my art, my relationships; similar to the Japanese concept of Shibui in away..     This fall, my daughter Belisa Alptekin and I founded Floating Tales Designs. We make cards and prints with minimalist designs to inspire simple and meaningful lives. Drawing on

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House of Serein

When a dream comes true….. To create a community place where artists, writers, poets, and other passionate people can exchange ideas and build connections has been in my thoughts for a long time. This fall when the geese were about to return, this dream came through.. I founded “House of Serein”  House of Serein is located in a spacious

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What is the Project? I am creating a series of new work that expresses the power and grace of classical sculpture and employs cutting edge components. The contrast between the exciting high-tech futuristic components and the graceful realism of the figurative sculptures will urge people to stop and evaluate the present. After creating and exhibiting

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My Solo Exhibition “Clothes from the Past” at artspace

My solo exhibition, “Clothes from the Past” at the Helena Davis Gallery, Artspace in Richmond was a great opportunity for me to reach out to the East Coast with my historical dresses. I also gave a talk at the opening of my solo exhibition “Clothes from the Past” at the Helena Davis Gallery in artspace in Richmond, VA. This was a great opportunity for

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My print “Today I was with Picasso” is on display at the Susquehanna Art Museum

Identity Spectrum Exhibition at the Susquehanna Art Museum is about perspectives on the expression of gender In the elegant space offered by the the Susquehanna Art Museum, works by 22 artists curated by Dr. Christine Filippone, are being displayed as a group show titled “Identity Spectrum”.  “As one of the fundamental aspects of personal identity, gender has

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