What is the Project?

“What will be left?” is a series of installations on climate change and a variety of social issues such as the replacement of the traditional ways of communication by technology mediated human-to-human interaction. 

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I would like to display this series in public platforms to raise awareness. My intent is to urge people to stop and evaluate the present which is leaning towards a future with absences in relationships and in our natural surroundings. The artwork will demand a future with meaning.


Why I am doing it?

The central message of this project is to urge people to stop and evaluate the present which is leaning towards a future with absences in relationships and in our natural surroundings.

With large-scale displays of drawings on public platforms, this project will initiate a conversation on these current issues of great importance. The artwork will communicate with many through its deliberate simplicity.

This project will support the current environmental movement and the push for more human interaction. Its primary impact dynamic is to change minds and behaviors of people by encouraging them to consider a future without most of the things we take for granted, such as snow, sparrows, books, butterflies, and face to face communication.  Each of these things that we are losing quickly will be depicted in one single drawing.


How I am doing it?

I will create the artwork using ink and paper. These will be drawings of people gazing at something that will be absent in the future. During this time, I will identify the materials for large-scale printing and find suitable locations in multiple cities including Denver, Boulder and Istanbul. The narrative of this project will be captured as video and photography. 

Art provides the brief moments that allow us to slow down. This expansive and changing city wide installation will offer these moments that most of us lack. These installations will provide the opportunity to question whether if we will be able to hold on to our delicate relationships and surroundings within the present or move on to a detached and depleted future.

Through the public art initiatives of multi-venue installations in cities, the public outside the art community will be engaged in this conversation.  Through press involvement the project will reach to even a wider audience.

As an artist, I create sculptures, installations, movies and prints exploring the past and today’s ethics intending to enhance our imaginations and consciousness.  I am interested in tracing shifts over time in our personalities, cultural values, and norms by referring to history, anthropology, theology, philosophy, and architecture. My intent is to engage the community in understanding how our norms and values within the present were shaped by the past and how the future will form them. This project will help realize that goal.

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