Floating Tales

Lately, I have been noticing that I seek simplicity and minimalism in my life, in rooms, in my art, my relationships; similar to the Japanese concept of Shibui in away..


Floating Tales Card Designs


This fall, my daughter Belisa Alptekin and I founded Floating Tales Designs. We make cards and prints with minimalist designs to inspire simple and meaningful lives. Drawing on small delightful objects that may not be noticed otherwise, we emphasize taking life one step at a time. You can read about the curios tales of our designs, such as the sacred pomegranate trees of Anatolia on each design’s page.

Our cards and prints can be purchased at our new shop and at the beautiful Ku Cha House of Tea where you can warm yourselves with their delicious teas.  We donate 10% of our sales for the education of 11 children in a children’s house in Romania through Amurtel Romania.

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