Praise of Uncertainty

The artworks that I created for this exhibition remain true to my desire to create with simplicity and ambiguity.  I allowed for empty spaces which create an uncertainty that inspires seeking our own stories. An openness to uncertainty in any conversation leads to endless possibilities and new meanings.  In Noh theater, for example, a pause gives space for an inner rehearsal and imagination similar to silence in music. I created forms with a sense of refinement of the Japanese aesthetics that dissolve into these spaces. The Islamic sense of calligraphic brushwork I rendered vertically similar to Asian scripts are love poems written by Arabic women contradicting the traditional Islamic calligraphy. The mere presence of such inscriptions deliver powerful messages even if they are not legible. I am interested in this power as well as their seductive aesthetics.  Silences, disappearing figures, and the scripts hold a space that suggests a mysterious mood that isn’t to be described, but to be felt.