Belgin Yucelen

Belgin Yucelen creates sculptures, installations, movies and prints exploring memory, the past and today’s ethics intending to enhance our imaginations and consciousness. She studied sculpture at the Florence Accademia D'Arte in Florence, University of Colorado Boulder, Art Students League of Denver and Scottsdale Art School. Her work is represented at national and international galleries. She continuously participates in national and international exhibitions at museums, universities and other art venues. In her recent work she discusses the concept of time and the transitions in individuals and societies through time. Her past work attempted to understand transitions in individuals and societies. “Journey of a Thousand Years” which included bronze sculptures with etched mirrors was an analysis of how the self is shaped by experiences over time. “Time” series inlaid with gold, embracing the Japanese concept of treating breakage as part of the past of an object suggested the frailty of each moment. “Clothes from the Past” installation of sculptural garments redefined a past culture’s sophistication in a contemporary form. “Overwritten Scripts” included prints elaborating on how the manipulation of the religious scripture influenced social and cultural norms. “Words” installation, which included an audio element, was aimed to encourage people to listen to each other more. In “Floating Children”, a collaboration with photojournalist Brian Rutter, the installation featuring floating transparent fabric with photographs of Syrian children was her way of speaking to the fragility of children in times of war.

pollinating gardens boulder belgin yucelen

Sculptural Interventions to Biodiversity Decline

 I will install sculptural artworks along a habitat corridor; Corredor de las Plantas being built as part of a program run by the city of Boulder to support pollinators and other wildlife to reverse biodiversity decline. The sculptures will draw people and demonstrate the importance of connection – the connection of community members to create the biodiversity

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Among Flowers in Bloom Julie and Belgin

Among Flowers in Bloom

    Our online performance “Among Flowers in Bloom” is an interdisciplinary presentation of dance, classical music and art installation. It is a collaboration between myself, choreographer and dance artist Julie Rothschild and musicians Emily Bowman and David Crowe.  Our performance “Among Flowers in Bloom” was originally scheduled to take place at House of Serein as

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Wish Installation by Belgin yucelen

Wish Installation

Many traditions exist on wish making. In Guatemala children fly kites which they believe will carry their wishes up to the Gods. In Japan, they write them on colorful paper and tie them to bamboo branches. In China, bamboo blocks are hung by temples. In India, children make wishes of peacock feathers. In Israel people

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