Artist Statement

Sculptor Belgin Yucelen artist, turkish american artist, installation artist, modern art, contemporary art, Boulder, art gallery, women artist, print maker, solo exhibition

Creating is a sacred call for me, a responsibility to peruse myself, to communicate my inner-self and evoke a form of consciousness. 

 The process of art making is a revelation for knowing who I am. To make sense of a feeling, I search for forms. From these forms, I create imaginary worlds that help conjure unrealized possibilities. When the viewer recognizes her own experiences in these imaginary worlds I create, my art becomes a sense making tool as encountering feelings and experiences similar to ours validates them.

I can only create the view from my own window manifested by my hands. With each story I tell, or feeling I express, I aim to start a communication through which I meet with my viewer, and other viewers meet within the space only art can create, dissolving the separation between us, and across time, distances and cultures.

 In many aspects of my life, including objects I own, words I use, and my art, I aim to assume meaning with less. In my artmaking, I use a soft voice, almost an understatement with silences, and pauses which create spaces of ambiguity where the viewer can escape from the limitations and complexities of a well-defined subject. By presenting a mere hint of the story, I evaluate the possibility of art to provoke seeking for emotions. Through the act of revealing or concealing, similar to a fenced garden which partly obstructs the view, the viewer stays longer to find out what is hidden behind. This also empowers the viewer to imagine and make their own aesthetic choices and personal interpretations.