Artist Statement

Sculptor Belgin Yucelen artist, turkish american artist, installation artist, modern art, contemporary art, Boulder, art gallery, women artist, print maker, solo exhibition

I create sculptures, installations, movies and prints drawing on the traditions of the past and today’s ethics. I am interested in tracing shifts over time in cultural values by referencing history, anthropology, historical literature and architecture. My intent is to engage the community in understanding how our norms and values within the present landscape were shaped by the past and how the future will inform them. With my art I also speak out on behalf of children in war, women with no rights, refugees and talk about current social issues or imaginary tales of imaginary people. 

Art provides the imagery that allows me to present my ideas. I aim to create aesthetically beautiful, compelling and thought provoking art in a simple and quiet manner. Art needs to be beautiful, but beauty can come from ugliness as long as it is presented poetically.