Minimalismo Etrusco

Minimalismo Etrusco - prints by Belgin Yucelen


One of my goals in life is to simplify my life, my art, my surroundings, my relationships; using less words, objects, lines… effacing layers of clutter that discourage the peace and repose I long for now more than ever .. as I can think and feel better when I am removed from the unnecessary complexity of life.

During my residency I created a series of prints titled “Minimalismo Etrusco” to further my goal of simplification. I was inspired by Etruscan artifacts. Although Etruscan artisans created quite refined works, the figures they drew on vases especially, are elegant in their simplicity. Sharing the same Tuscan skies during that period, although about 3000 years later, I wanted to create something that would help me understand their ways of thinking. So I simply simplified their forms until no more simplification was possible and to make it even more fun, I added the most pleasant colors to my mind’ eye.


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