Philanthropic Art Installation for Children

I would like to share with you a philanthropic art installation of a crane I made for for the children in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen.  

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I made an art installation of a life-size crane out of bamboo and paper titled “For Children Who will Never be Able to Fly a Kite” as my way of helping to the children who are facing starvation.  Nearly 1.4 million children face imminent death , Oluchi, Tirig,  Tebg, Judah are a few. I wrote their names on the wings in Latin and Arabic letters. Children should be flying kites, not die. If we do not do something now, millions of children will have starved to death and we will regret this for many years.

When one smells a rose 
a memory is revealed 
a child from past smiles
             Haiku, Belgin

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