Journey of a Thousand Years


The series I created in 2014 titled “Journey of a Thousand Years” includes 11 figurative bronze sculptures and an installation piece. With this series I intended to inspire the viewers to know themselves better. 



The installation piece “Rehearsing Mirrors” repinstallation piece, contemporary art, mirrors, mime, exhibition, solo exhibition, bronze sculptures, figurative sculptures, show, museumresents the roles we play in life based on audiences or the desired personalities. The roles we perform become habits and they compel us to a series of identities.  This is just one single aspect of our personalities. This piece is made of gold acrylic mirrors etched with the face of a mime. The pieces are hung loosely so that our own distorted images are observed once in a while and they become part of the art.





The sculptures were all looking at their reflectionscontemporary art, modern art, bronze, sculpture, figurative sculpture, bronze sculpture, Belgin Yucelen, sculptor in etched mirrors and in water. Because what really defines us is how we see ourselves in our “own mirrors” and the value we assess for our self-worth. This self-image can be improved by valuing our talents, respecting our intelligence and acting on our beliefs and feelings.  With self-knowledge we also know what clears our minds, what type of work and people give us joy and satisfaction, how much pressure we can take, how to handle disappointments and frustration, why we react in a certain way. Once we discover ourselves we can understand and fulfill our purpose in life.



Figurative bronze contemporary sculptures by Belgin Yucelen


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