Poems in Silk


“Poems in Silk” is an art installation which includes poetry and printmaking – a collaboration between the multidisciplinary artist Belgin Yucelen, the internationally recognized and acclaimed poet Anne Waldman and engineer and artist Akın Köksal.

The installation consists of monotype prints inspired by Anne Waldman’s poetry and her printed poems. The prints are monochromatic abstract reformations of the poems. They are hand printed on diaphanous kozo paper. Anne Waldman’s poems are printed on sheets of transparent silk reflecting the fragility of the poems.

Both the prints and the poems will be hung on wires similar to a laundry line. Large balloons will be tied to each providing further movement creating an ethereal feeling. The “sacred text” in Waldman’s words and the deliberate simplicity of my prints will urge the visitors to stay in this secluded space and be a part of the artwork.    

Collaborator names: Belgin Yücelen, Anne Waldman, Akın Köksal

Websites: https://belginyucelen.com/  and https://www.annewaldman.org/