Journey of a Thousand Years – A Solo Sculpture Exhibition

CACE Gallery of Fine Art, Fort Morgan, CO, Oct 23-Nov 19, 2015

Press Release



To all those who dare to look into their hearts:

My exhibition “Journey of a Thousand Years” is an invitation to an inner journey. It is intended to inspire the viewers to travel the undiscovered lands of the self.

Each art piece is an examination of an aspect of the self. I hope that each will be a step in getting closer to realization of our selves.

Figures looking at their reflections in etched mirrors and in water represent how we see ourselves in our mirrors and how this leads to the emotional judgment we make about our self-worth.  We often see in our mirrors personalities we assume, identities built by experiences or rehearsed self images.

Self encompasses our values, goals, beliefs, abilities, needs, ambitions, skills, and desires. More importantly what really defines us is how we see ourselves in our “own mirrors” and the value we assess for our self-worth.

This self image can be improved by valuing our talents, respecting our intelligence and acting on our beliefs and feelings.  

With self knowledge we also know what clears our minds, what type of work and people give us joy and satisfaction, how much pressure we can take, how to handle disappointments and frustration, why we react in a certain way.

Once we discover ourselves

we can fulfill our purpose in life


perhaps we may even focus on the happenings around us


we will be complete                                                                                          

Belgin Yücelen

 “Men go forth to marvel at the heights of mountains and the huge waves of the sea, the broad flow of the rivers, the vastness of the ocean, the orbits of the stars, and yet they neglect to marvel at themselves.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  St Augustine 4th century

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