Floating Children  – An Installation in Collaboration with Photojournalist Brian Rutter

Lakeside Legacy Foundation, Dole Mansion, IL, March, 2017



“Floating Children” is intended to display the fragility of children in times of war.

Black and white photographs of Syrian children printed on sheer fabric are hung from the ceiling in a way to seem like they are floating in the wind. I was inspired by a Japanese woodblock from 18th century of a woman whose handkerchief and concealed letters were carried away by a sudden wind. These children can also be carried away and disappear. The transparency emphasizes their fragility. To observe a child’s delicate innocence feels weightless even under the most difficult circumstances. A feeling of lightness is what I desired to convey with the light sheer material.  I collaborated with photojournalist Brian Rutter for this exhibition.

I am hoping that this exhibition will remind the viewers that there is always something we can do to make this world better especially for children.

This film shows the installation at the Dole Mansion.

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