Clothes from the Past – A Historical Garment Installation

Lakeside Legacy Foundation, Dole Mansion, IL, March, 2017



“Clothes from the Past” exhibit presented at the Dole Mansion in Illinois, showcases a series of sculptural dresses referencing to the historical past. Yücelen, being a Turkish-American, is inspired by her cultural history and creates these dresses as a reference to the clothing patterns of Europe and Anatolia during the era of the Ottoman Empire, building a body of work with vital historical importance. Her work also has a strong connection with the contemporary population shift, migration waves, and overall cultural exchange, as the reimagined clothes refer not only to the Islamic traditions but to the diverse cultural background of the empire that included many Christians and Jews as well.” – ArtTour International, Spring 2017

This film shows the installation at the historical Dole Mansion.

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