Rendezvous with Myself

Using art, psychology, and wisdom of our bodies we explore and deepen our experience of joy

This workshop is a journey to strengthen our connection with our inner happy selves via various forms of art and the ancient wisdom of our bodies. 

Deep inside, we all know that happiness is internal, yet we cannot always access it. In our everyday life, knowing takes precedence over direct experience.  This habitual mode of being limits the opportunities to fully enjoy every moment, constraining the wisdom of our bodies. This workshop invites the participants to uncover this wisdom and retain it even after the workshop.

In a non-judgmental safe setting, through playful exercises we give forms to our metaphors and develop a new vocabulary for our underlying feelings and bodily sensations. As a result, new meanings are made,
self-awareness grows and an empowered sense of belonging follows.

Our bodies know, and our minds will follow.

Dr Guldeniz Yucelen, clinical psychologist
Dr Belgin Yucelen, multidisciplinary artist, dreamer


Warmest Regards,
Belgin Yücelen

Kendimle Randevu Turkce Brosur