Journey of a Thousand Years Exhibition CACE Gallery Press Release

CACE Gallery of Fine Art in Fort Morgan, Colorado will open a unique exhibition featuring Turkish-American artist Belgin Yucelen on Oct 23, on view until Nov 19, 2015. “Journey of a Thousand Years” is a solo exhibition which is an invitation to an inner journey featuring bronze sculptures, a movie and an installation piece.

Sculptures displayed at the exhibition are examinations of the aspects of the self. They are meant to be steps in getting closer to realization of ourselves. Some are figures looking at mirrors with laser etched images and some looking at their reflections in water. They represent assumed personalities, rehearsed or glorifying self images. One sculpture has a screen showing an autobiographical short movie which represents our stories in which we try to create coherent connections among our experiences that are supported by memory. An installation piece consists of gold acrylic mirrors shows distorted reflections.  An image of a mime is etched in the middle section of the piece intended to show the roles play in life.

Self encompasses our values, goals, beliefs, ambitions, skills and desires. More importantly what really defines us is how we see ourselves in our own mirrors and the value we assess for our self-worth. This self image can be improved if we can define and value our talents, respect our intelligence and act on our beliefs and feelings.  With self knowledge we also know what clears our minds, what type of work and people give us joy and satisfaction, and how to handle disappointments and frustration. Once we discover ourselves we can live in the most competent way and fulfill our purpose in life. We may then focus on the happenings around us. Then we shall be complete.          This is intended message of the show.

Belgin Yucelen studied sculpture at the Florence Accademia D’Arte in Florence, University of Colorado Boulder, Art Students League of Denver and Scottsdale Art School.   Her work has been represented in private collections and exhibitions.

She likes to see her work as a philosophical journey through the essential elements of life. The human figure is the main source of her sculptures. She sculpts ideas without details that obscure the art’s imaginary attributes. She is also interested in installation art and its powerful way of presenting ideas with the potential to reach more people.

About CACE Gallery of Fine Art

Founded in 2011, CACE sponsors over twenty local events annually, featuring performing artists, speakers, poets and visual artists with the mission of enhancing the quality of lives in our community through artistic, cultural, social, and intellectual activities.   CACE operates Fort Morgan’s only art gallery.  Many CACE events incorporate arts-related workshops for local elementary, middle school or high school students.

Location: Morgan Community College, 920 Barlow Road, Fort Morgan, CO 80701

For more images and more information, contact:

Belgin Yucelen, 303 264 9122,,

Rachel Kellum, 970 542 3203,