Profile on Clark Hulings Fund, April 2018

Belgin Yucelen

2018 Executive Fellow

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With a PhD in chemical engineering and research, Belgin Yucelen knows how exciting the future is. And as a sculptor, she knows the importance of building on a solid foundation. As technology continues to increase our autonomy and capabilities, we must not let it also breed detachment, alienation, and isolation. Our shared history and current social interactions provide solid ground—they civilize us.

Belgin’s sculptures are visual commentaries that question our urge to overthrow our present norms, values, and aesthetics, instead of using them to inform our progress. By mashing past and future together she dares us to cherish the human intimacy and face to face collaboration that we used to take for granted, and to discover new pathways to them.

Business Objective
Employ high tech products (3D printers, laser cutters, sensors, LEDs, etc.) backed by high tech vendors to create sculptures that clarify contemporary issues through classical aesthetic sensibilities. Target top art fairs and international gallerists with this new series to build audience, recognition and revenue.
Year 1 Accomplishments
Introduced a CRM and tracking mechanisms. Designed digital portfolios for use with email pitches. Started a travel blog and ramped up overall online presence through reviews and interviews in art publications and blogs, cultivating social influencers and establishing a presence on third party platforms. As a result of her outreach, Belgin has been invited to participate in a variety of exhibitions, including several major solo shows in Chicago.
Year 2 Plans
Skill-building in classical sculpting techniques. Research and selection of the tech and tools most useful her purposes. Pursue partners and sponsors from among the companies that manufacture those products. Create a series of new work that expresses the power and grace of classical Greek sculpture and employs cutting edge mechanisms. Lay groundwork with gallerists, curators and her audience for the introduction of this new series in 2019.
Next Up
Research and identify galleries participating in selected US, European and Asian art fairs. Research materials and techniques for high-tech components and contact potential collaborators/sponsors. Study the elements that characterize Greek Sculpture and make it timeless and graceful, and replicate them in her own work to her satisfaction.

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