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Among Flowers in Bloom: “Among Flowers in Bloom” is an interdisciplinary presentation of dance, classical music and art installation – a collaboration between the multidisciplinary artist Belgin Yücelen, choreographer and dance artist Julie Rothschild and musician Emily Anne Bowman.

Performance and Exhibition: Among Flowers in Bloom

Venue: House of Serein, 101 Canyon Blvd. Boulder CO 80302

Dates: March 31st, 10:00 am and April 1st 7:30 pm, 2020

BOULDER, CO (2020) – House of Serein is proud to present Among Flowers in Bloom during two performances on March 31st and April 1st. The presentation will consist of installation art, dance and music. 

About the Performance

The concept of the performance was ideated by the multidisciplinary artist Belgin Yucelen and was developed in the frame of an attempt to encourage walking lightly on earth. 

The presentation will consist of installation art, dance performance and improvisational classical music. The installation, created by Belgin Yücelen, includes 600 transparent silk flowers in the form of an LED-illuminated narrow path which will appear to be rising at one end to suggest disappearance and impermanence. The dance will be an improvisation by the choreographer and dance artist Julie Rothschild. The music will be created by Emily Anne Bowman as a response to the art installation and the dance performance. Also performing Tuesday morning is musician, David Crowe.

The repeating of the flowers will dematerialize and deemphasize the flower itself similar to the repetitive patterns in a mosque. The extension into the space-time of the environment will encourage an interaction with the visitors through personalization. While the lightness of the silk suggests fragility, the concept of walking lightly on earth will be reemphasized by Julie who will move around and within the art installation, responding to the artwork’s narrative and the space around it. Julie switches between an active performer and a motionless human object within the installation relating to our roles in the society. This performance is an expression of choosing between ways of being and being with a meaning.

This collaboration is the result of an ‘integrated process’ during when Julie and Belgin step into the other’s area of expertise providing input for each other and blurring the role boundaries. Through this engaging practice, new vocabularies are created and knowledge across disciplines is shared influencing each other’s evolution.

About the Artists

A reoccurring pattern in Belgin Yücelen’s artwork is her ambition to justify her place as an artist with respect to her positionality in society. This is her artwork is between East and West from ancient times and now. The themes of her artwork varies from children in war, women with no rights, refugees, our communication skills, traditions and our connection with nature. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been recognized by organizations such as the Colorado Creative Industries, Moon and Stars Project Grant, Clark Hulings Fund, Hemera Foundation, and National Sculpture Society.  Her work has been largely publicized in publications such as PhotoPhore, Pittsburgh Articulate, The Tribune Review, Daily Camera, and Chicago Reader. She recently founded the House of Serein which is a creative space for community use and studios for artists. She is currently serving as a board member at the Dairy Arts Center and as a grant panelist at the Boulder Arts Commission.

Julie Rothschild, dance artist, choreographer, collaborator, movement educator, and longtime student of many movement forms, has lived and worked throughout the United States and abroad. An interest in how extraordinary our ordinary gestures truly are feeds her creative process. Currently, Julie is taking a deep dive into the art of weaving and noting how her life in dance and improvisation is informing this new curiosity. A performance project, bringing these crafts together, is already taking shape.

Emily Anne Bowman is an active performer, educator and collaborator. Emily is a founding member and principal viola of the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado. Emily especially enjoys working with young musicians and serves as Artistic Director of the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra and faculty of Boulder Suzuki Strings and Shining Mountain Waldorf School. Emily also loves to fiddle! She plays with the Free Range String Quartet and the folk Americana group The Bowmans whenever she can. Emily lives with her husband David Crowe in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where in addition to making music she delights in eating and spending time outdoors.


Artist Information

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House of Serein Visitor Information

Admission: Free and open to the public.

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Among Flowers in Bloom at House of Serein