How Meditation Affects Art

I attended a program called "The Art of Being Human" to find out how meditation affects art at the Shambhala Mountain Center in the Red Feathers Lake area of North Colorado. The retreat which was financed by a fellowship program offered by the Hemera Foundation.  The experience of a … [Read more...]

Philanthropic Art Installation for Children

I would like to share with you a philanthropic art installation of a crane I made for for the children in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen. Today I am starting my fundraising. Even if you could make a small donation through my fundraising page you will make a big difference. As of today I am at … [Read more...]

Art Installation: The Stage for the Performance of My Artwork

My Art Installation: The Stage for the Performance of My Artwork I installed an art installation at the historical Dole Mansion near Chicago. Two of the art installations were historical, one was a photography exhibition and one was a visual and audio exhibit. Before starting to set up my art … [Read more...]

Journey of a Thousand Years

JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND YEARS The series I created in 2014 titled “Journey of a Thousand Years” includes 11 figurative bronze sculptures and an installation piece. With this series I intended to inspire the viewers to know themselves better.      The installation piece … [Read more...]